Did you know that your muscles require just as much care and love as the rest of your body?

Your muscles are hard at work all day long helping your body move. So it’s no wonder that, without proper care, they get tired and tight. Massage is a great way to look after your muscles and release any tension that’s been trapped in them.

Our lovely and experienced Massage Therapist, Jessica, is available to help you to improve your mobility through massage. She can also treat you to a luxurious relaxation massage!

If you’re also keen to improve your strength and flexibility, we’ve seen great results when massage is combined with the Pilates exercise classes (link to Pilates classes).


Massage Benefits

Done properly (and we do!), massage can:

  • Prevent injuries

  • Reduce sciatica pain

  • Reduce lower back pain

  • Boost the immune system

  • Reduce and release stress

  • Alleviate anxiety and depression

  • Relieve head, neck and shoulder tension


Massage Prices

60-minute massage - $65

75-minute massage - $80