Why all the fuss about pilates?

Pilates class at Kokoafit Pilates in Chelmer, Brisbane.

People decide to start practicing Pilates for a range of different reasons: Curiosity to see what the method is all about; their physiotherapist recommended it; a friend said it was awesome; they were looking to mix up their exercise routine; were trying to get active but not THAT active; or they were looking for more flexibility or core strength.

Everyone has a different starting point, but everyone who sticks to Pilates practice get to the same finish line and enjoy the same benefits: strength, flexibility, pain free movement.

I first tried Pilates at a gym in Denver, Colorado because I was trying to escape from the weights and treadmills, which I hated (but thought I needed in order to stay fit and in shape).

So there I was, lying on a mat, doing a range of Pilates exercises that made my body feel really, really good. And without a treadmill, elliptical or heavy weight to be seen! After doing this class several times a week for a couple of months I noticed my clothing was fitting better and my body shape was changing. I stood taller (which was great as I’m what you might call diminutive!) and felt happy with my body.

After 17 years practicing this amazing method, I feel as strong, flexible and tall as ever and enjoy lots of physical activities that make me happy, like tennis, long walks and even running a half marathon – all this without injury. 

So if you’re keen to keep enjoying life and all it has to offer, why not give Pilates a try at our beautiful studio in Chelmer, Brisbane? Our tailored classes are kept small to ensure you get the one-on-one attention you need and our practice will leave you feeling energised and focused.