Improve your posture during your Pilates practice and your daily activities

Pilates class at Kokoafit Pilates in Chelmer, Brisbane.

In Pilates we are always talking about how your shoulder should be as far from your ears as possible. During class you will hear your Instructor cueing, “Elbows in the back pocket!”. And this is because improving your posture requires you to pay attention to your shoulders.

Here’s how to do it.

Externally rotate the upper arms. This will help you drop your shoulders down and back. With this slight movement you will feel your chest lift, your neck lengthen and your lungs expand, thereby creating 
proper posture.

On the top of this (having your shoulders slightly retracted or chest open) I also suggest thinking about how your MANUBRIUM also improves your posture.

Yes, you read it right … your MANUBRIUM.

Your manubrium is situated in a little hole in your chest that can be found under your chin and just between your clavicles. Just a small lift of your manubrium is all you need to make dramatic changes to your posture. The magnitude of your lift will be determined by what your natural starting point is. So the more collapsed 
your body, the bigger the lift is, and the more amplified the benefits are!

Even if you’re a Pilates expert who practices great posture 
in the room, focusing on lifting your manubrium WILL create more space in your chest, heart, neck and shoulders. You will feel taller!!!

Remember that Pilates is ALL about bringing this kind of posture awareness to your body 24 hours a day. So get started lifting your manubrium, feel taller and enjoy all the benefits it brings to your life!

Remember, more tips about how to improve your Pilates practice will be posted soon … so let’s stay in touch.