10 Reasons to fall in love with your Pilates class

Here you have 10 GREAT reasons why to join a Pilates class. If you are already practicing Pilates make sure these reasons resonate with you :) 

Reason #1: During your class you will learn how to BREATH properly and activate all the muscles around your core just because you are moving your diaphragm. So it means you can be working your abs just by breathing in the correct way. How cool is that?

Reason #2: These classes are like meditation while you are moving. The concentration you have to keep while moving makes you forget all your problems for at least one hour.

Reason #3: Pilates brings body awareness immediately and you start walking taller from class #1.

Reason #4: Pilates teaches you that LESS is MORE when moving so slowly. What a great thing to apply not only for your Pilates but for everything in life.

Reason #5: You can choose from Mat or Equipment work, both of which will be lots of fun in their own different way.

Reason #6: You won’t be dripping sweat but .. ohhh boy …you would be definitively working those muscles.

Reason #7: NO other classes give you better long lean muscles than a good Pilates class.
Reaaon #8: You get to wear groovy socks.
Reason #9: You can see your body shape change despite sometimes the weight staying the same.

Reason # 10: Improve your performance in any other activity you LOVE to do like to swimming, walking, hiking, playing golf, playing tennis, carrying your children or grand children etc.

If you have other good reasons PLEASE share them with us in the comments below.


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